At AthleteConnection, we're helping youth, high school, college, and professional athletes reach their athletic potential through speed, strength, power, and ultimately, an all-encompassing performance training. Our proven sports performance training has helped athletes of all sports including Baseball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Softball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Basketball and more achieve their personal athletic goals. We rely on targeted training, cutting-edge strategies, and a support system like no other to take your skills to the next level.

It is also our goal to help adults reach their fitness goals day in and day out through, high intensity interval training, fundamental strength development, corrective exercise, neuromuscular recovery systems, and and accountable work ethic!

It is the mission of Athlete Connection to invest in each athlete to bring out their inner athletic abilities & reach their full potential, from young children to professional and from those new in their fitness and/or weight loss journey to fitness-inspired adults.  There's a program for everyone through Athlete Connection.

Back History

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Kenneth Miller, had worked in the performance training industry since high school.  He was a football player in high school and college, a quarterback, a young entrepreneur at heart.    

Over the years he learned from his colleagues and other coaches.  Watching the success and failures of others guided his plan to open a place that would be the ultimate sports performance training facility.  It would encompass the most elite training, but also be available to athletes of all ages and ability levels.  The training was not sport specific and could be applied to all sports.

A little over a year ago, while talking to a friend about his vision, he described his desire to look at an athlete as a whole…all the parts…physical, mental, emotional and connect those pieces. His desire was to not only improve an athlete’s performance, but grow the young person as a human first, cerebrally; teaching hard work, accountability, and mentoring them to be a young leader within the community.

The infinity sign represents all that AthleteConnection stands for. Connecting all pieces of the athlete and phases of their development.

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