It is the mission of AthleteConnection to invest in each athlete to discover and enhance their inner athletic abilities.  Our goal is to connect with athletes through the mind, body, and spirit and guide them to their peak athletic potential.  We assist youth, high school, college, and professional athletes in reaching their personal athletic goals through speed, strength, power, and truly all-encompassing performance training. We strive to mentor our athletes by providing our youth with performance enhancement and skills that are typically only offered in a collegiate environment.  Our targeted training, elite equipment, cutting-edge strategies and support system assist in taking athletes skills to the next level.

We provide programs for all levels of fitness that cater to youth and above. We offer the tools to assist each client in reaching their infinite potential.

Who is AthleteConnection

For Kenny Miller, sports and fitness was never just a pastime; it was a healthy outlet, and ultimately a lifesaver.  Through sports, he learned the importance of teamwork and selfless dedication to a goal bigger than himself.  By being a part of sports teams throughout his childhood, Kenny was able to learn the true meaning of integrity and the value of honest communication.  It is because of his experiences on these teams, that he developed a strong work ethic and an unwavering desire to share, teach, and foster these skills in his community’s youth.Kenny has worked in the sports performance training industry since high school.  His vision to create the future elite athlete, guided his entrepreneurial dream to open a facility that would be the ultimate sports performance training facility encompassing the most elite training.  He wanted his facility to look at the athlete as a whole: physical, mental, and emotional and then connect those components together cerebrally. His desire is to not only improve an athlete’s performance but grow the young athlete as a human first; teaching hard work, accountability, and mentoring them to be a productive member of society.Kenny’s passion soon caught the attention of Jennie Oshman.  Jennie and Kenny connected completely by chance through a truly random introduction by a mutual acquaintance.  Her entrepreneurial spirit is truly a part of her DNA, as her family were pioneers in the sporting goods industry.  Her grandfather, Ancil Oshman, was the Vice President of Oshman’s Sporting Goods, and his cousin, Jake Oshman, founded Oshman’s Dry Goods, which turned into the national chain.  The ‘chance’ meeting between Kenny and Jennie was nothing short of two inspired people being fated to come together in an amazing opportunity.  After just one conversation, Jennie saw the massive potential in Kenny’s dream held. She decided to partner up with Kenny and co-found AthleteConnection. With over 17 years of experience in the athletic world, KB is a veteran in the strength and conditioning industry.  In his youth, he played football for Stephen F. Austin State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in kinesiology.  From there, he went on to play for the Washington Redskins, before entering the sports performance arena. As a Vertimax Master Trainer,  he is able to provide the gym with current and cutting edge elite training equipment.  As Athletic Director, he also runs the NFL Combine and Professional League Training.  He has trained notable athletes, such as Mike Evans, Christine Michael, Kelechi Osemele, Ryan Grant, Jamaal Charles, Andrew Harrison, Brittan Golden, and Trey Williams, Gus Johnson, Jonathan Anderson, Saqwaan Edwards, Andre Hal, and Stephen Anderson…to name a few.During its early stages of development, AthleteConnection piqued the interest of Kerry Bennett (KB), owner of Beast Squad Training. He had mentored Kenny Miller and made a lasting impression on him.  They joined forces not long after AthleteConnection was officially created. Chris West recently joined the team in October 2019 as the fourth partner.  Chris, a seasoned entrepreneur and successful business owner, saw potential in the young company and owners.   With AthleteConnection close to completing its expansion, the team has great plans and many exciting ventures ahead.

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